Tips to take care of hair

Hair spa at home

We always take care of hair by using different shampoos but today we need to use and practice some best by sitting at home at a low and cheap cost.There are various tips to do hair spa at home at cheapest price.

  1. Massage the head

The first step is to massage the hair with warm coconut oil. I prefer the coconut oil which is organic and chemical free so that it helps in growth and shinning in the hair.

2. Cover with towel

After massage the hair, it is necessary to cover the hair with warm towel for at least 15-30 minutes so that the oil will get in touch with roots of scalp.

3. Wash the hair

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Wash the hair thoroughly which suits your hair and rinse it properly so that the oil will removed from the hair properly.

4. Apply the hair mask

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You can prepare the hair mask at home or buy it from the market. There are many ways to prepare the mask at home through banana, egg, curd etc. I prefer to have a mask to prepare at home through banana and honey which smooth the hair. The mask should be applied for at least 15 minutes.

5. Wash the hair

Lastly wash your hair and you will feel the changes in your hair. Remember always wash your hair with cozy water.

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